About The Digital ToolCrib

Series of podcasts to discuss teaching and learning strategies for faculty in Trades and Technology.

These podcasts were developed to provide professional development opportunities for faculty teaching in the School of Trades and Technology that accommodate their unique academic schedules.

Chad Flinn (Dean, School of Trades and Technology) and Jason Openo (Director, Teaching & Learning) talk about strategies to support Trades and Tech instructors at MHC.

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The Digital ToolCrib – Season 2 Ep03: Backwards Design with Dr. Sally Vinden

In this episode, Chad Flinn and Jason Openo talk with Dr. Sally Vinden of Vancouver...
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The Digital ToolCrib – Season 2 Ep02: Reflective Journaling in Trades and Technology

Medicine Hat College’s carpentry instructor Paul Schaan discusses why and how he implemented reflected journaling...
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The Digital ToolCrib – Season 2 Ep01: What Barriers Face Trades Instructors in their practice?

Chad and Jason talk candidly about how the difficulties facing trades education and some of...
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The Digital ToolCrib – Ep02: What Worked and What Didn’t?

In this episode, Jason and Chad talk about the challenges that Trades and Tech have...
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The Digital ToolCrib – Ep01: Assessments in Trades and Technology

In this premiere episode, Jason and Chad discuss the purpose behind the Digital ToolCrib and...
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