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Series of professional development presentations and workshops brought to you by CITE for faculty to discuss teaching development topics.

InCITE series, facilitated by Centre for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (CITE), empowers faculty to share challenges and approaches to develop meaningful learning experiences.

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Interpreting Your Course Evaluations

Individual characteristics of students can cause measurement bias in course evaluations, and not all courses are created equal. Classes with lighter workloads tend to get higher scores; evaluations tend to be lower for required and quantitative courses. Science courses usually get the lowest ratings and humanities courses the highest. Upper level discussion-based courses tend to be rated higher than introductory courses, and some studies suggest that the best way to improve course ratings is to bring cookies. Women tend to get lower scores than men even though students tend to prefer instructors of the same gender. These various forms of bias make it difficult to make sense of course evaluations and not take student feedback personally. This short session covers some of the difficulties in reading course evaluations, with an eye to finding the value that may be contained within them. 

Friday, February 11, 2022
12:05pm – 12:50pm
Online Session (MS Teams)

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