Geekapalooza 2021: Digital Citizenship Initiative

Is data more like oil or sunlight? How has the so-called “infodemic” impacted the scale and lethality of the COVID-19 outbreak? These are just a few of the questions the MHC Library seeks to address with its new initiative for Fall 2021: the Digital Citizenship series. Focusing on topics at the intersection of information, media, technology, and government, this instructional offering helps students recognize and respond to misinformation, as well as understand how their personal data is collected and commodified online. These multi-modal sessions–instruction is available in-class and via asynchronous resources–not only enable students to develop the transferrable skills described in the MHC Strategic Plan, but also help them become capable participants in and positive contributors to the information age.

Sarah Gibbs, Library Services
Adrian Castillo, Library Services

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