Blackboard Collaborate in Flexible Learning Classroom

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The Flexible Learning classrooms are equipped with one computer with two monitors. These rooms are also equipped with a Projector OR SmartBoard display, as well as an LCD TV located at the back of the classroom.

SmartBoard or Projector

(display at the front of the classroom)

Use the computer monitor that corresponds to the SmartBoard or Projector Display to open up your teaching materials (PowerPoint, PDF files, YouTube, etc.)

Step 1: Turn on the SmartBoard or Projector using the remote control provided. The SmartBoard computer monitor will appear white when the SmartBoard is not turned on, as shown below.

Step 2: Log in to the computer using your Medicine Hat College username and password.

NOTE: If once you turn on the SmartBoard, the SmartBoard home screen appears as shown below, you will notice that the mouse does not work. You will need to go to the SmartBoard and select Input from the bottom of the display to change the input to the computer. Afterwards you will be able to use the mouse and log in to the computer as usual.

SmartBoard Home Screen Display

Rear TV

(located at the back of the classroom)

Use the computer monitor that corresponds to the rear TV display at the back of the classroom for Blackboard Collaborate so you can see your online students and the chat window.

Step 3: Turn on the Rear TV at the back of the room using the remote control provided.

Step 4: Open a web browser and log into Blackboard course.

NOTE: You can move any application window on the desktop from one monitor to the other. For example, if the Collaborate meeting is displaying on the wrong screen, you can click and drag the top of the window to move it to the correct display.

Step 5: Once you join Blackboard Collaborate, make sure to turn on your microphone and video camera in the meeting.

Step 6: Open any teaching materials and remember to display them on the SmartBoard or Projector display computer monitor. To share these with your online students, go to Share Content in Blackboard Collaborate and then select the SmartBoard or Projector screen.

NOTE: Be sure to select Share Audio if you plan to share any videos or files with sound to your online students.

Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation

a) Go to the Slide Show tab on the top menu ribbon.
b) Locate the Monitor drop-down menu, and select Primary Monitor before you run the presentation.
c) OPTIONAL: Uncheck Use Presenter View if you aren’t planning on using it.

Step 7: Remember to start recording before you begin class and stop recording when you finish. Be sure to log off the computer. If you are the last person to use the classroom, please turn off the SmartBoard or Projector, as well as the Rear TV with the remote controls provided.