Embedding a YouTube Video

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To add a YouTube video to Blackboard, directly into Blackboard content, follow the instructions below to embed the video.

Step 1: In your Browser: Locate the video and open it on your computer.

Step 2a : Click on the Share link at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2b: In the Share, window, click on the Embed icon

Step 2c: Under the Embed Video window|
1. Select the HTML code.
2 .Click Copy

Step 3a: In Blackboard: Open up the Blackboard course
Step 3b: Click on the drop-down arrow on the Item you want to add the Youtube into
Step 3c: Select Edit from the menu

Step 3d: In the Editor window type in any letter to make an indicator area for a tag to paste the html code.

Step 3e: Click on the HTML icon within the Editor window

Step 3f: In the Source Code window | Locate the trail of letters that you typed into the Editor window as a tag and highlight it.

Step 3g:  Paste the YouTube code (Push Ctrl button + V)

Step 3h: Click Cancel to abort the action or click Save to keep the changes.

Step 3i: The Youtube video now appears. Click Cancel to abort the action or click Submit to keep the changes.