Logging into Blackboard

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What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn (Blackboard) is the primary Learning Management System (LMS) used for online, blended, and web-bases courses at the Medicine Hat College. Blackboard provides a convenient interface for uploading course content and modules, for collecting students’ tests and assignments, for interacting with students using integrated communication tools, and grading students’ work.

All enrolled students will be assigned a Blackboard account and any course that an individual is registered to attend is automatically uploaded to that individual’s account. A username and password will be sent to you.

Step 1 Accessing Blackboard

  1. Open up a browser and in the address bar go to the Medicine Hat College homepage located at http://www.mhc.ab.ca
  2. Click on the Blackboard link

Step 2 Accessing Blackboard

  1. Type in your name
  2. Type in your password
  3. Click on Login button