Reordering the Course Menu Links

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By default, any new links created will be placed at the bottom of the course menu. There are two methods.

Method 1 : Manually move the item on the course menu

1. Locate the course menu item that you want to move and hover your cursor over the link.  You will notice an up and down arrow appear to the left of the link. 

2. Click and drag the menu item to the desired location.  Release your mouse to place the link in the desired location

Method 2: Use the reorder button
  1. Click on the Reorder button (the button with the up and down arrows)>

2. Select the item in the menu you wish to reorder.

3. Use the up or down arrow buttons to reposition the item to the desired location

4. Click the Submit button to save changes or Click on the Cancel to abort the action.