Sharing PowerPoint with Students in the Classroom and Online using Collaborate and Two Screens (Extended View)

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This tutorial will show you how to share PowerPoints and other applications (Word, PDF, etc.) in Collaborate using a two or more monitors, displays or screens set to extended view. This method will work whether you’re teaching remotely or in the classroom with both in-class students and virtual online students.

Many classrooms on campus will have one computer set to duplicate view by default so that whatever is displayed on the instructor computer station is what will be displayed (aka duplicated) on the projector screen. However, you can turn the projector into a second monitor or display using extended view by following these steps:

1) Login to the computer and turn on the projector(s).

2) Connect your webcam and/or microphone.

3) Login to Blackboard and go to your Blackboard course.

4) Open the files or applications you wish to show with students.

5) Resize the application window and the Blackboard browser window, so you can see both windows on your screen.

6) Press the “Window Key” + “P” on the keyboard.

7) Select Extended View.

8) You should now be able to drag the PowerPoint application window to the left or right to move it onto the other screen or projector as if it was a second monitor. HINT: this can be tricky as some displays are opposite to the direction of the actual screen.

Here is what the instructor computer screen will look like compared to the projector screen.

9) Join the Collaborate Course Room in Blackboard. Ensure your webcam and/or mic is setup.

10) Open the Collaborate Panel by clicking on the purple arrow in the bottom right corner.

11) Click on the Share Content button.

12) From here, click on Share Application/Window.

13) From the top options, select Entire Screen.

14) Choose the screen that displays the PowerPoint window (or desired application). Make sure to check Share Audio in case you have sounds or videos in your PowerPoint. Then click on the Share button.

Students online will now only be able to see your PowerPoint or whatever is displayed on the projector screen just the same as your in class students.

15) In PowerPoint, you can now begin your Slideshow. You will be able to control your PowerPoint or other applications as you normally would.

16) If the PowerPoint Presenter View appears, you can click on the Restore button in the top right corner and resize the window, so you can show both the Presenter View window and the Collaborate window on the desktop at the same time in order to keep an eye on your online students and chats.

Using Extended View in the classroom, allows both your in-class face-to-face students and your online virtual students the see the exact same display. It also frees up your instructor computer in order to keep the Collaborate and chat window open.