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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (or Collaborate as we often refer to it) is a web conferencing suite built within your Blackboard course. The use of this synchronous “classroom” allows for real time interactivity between students and faculty – an important tool to enhance student learning, foster connectivity and build community.

  • Present lectures live (synchronously) to your students
  • Record your lectures for students to watch later
  • Share your desktop screen, files, and other applications
  • Create break out rooms for group discussions
  • Text chat available for participant interaction
  • Add poll questions to keep your students engaged

Common Questions

I'm new. How do I get started using Collaborate?

This video provides a brief overview of how to set up Collaborate in your Blackboard course.

How do students access Collaborate in my Blackboard Course?

In order for students to access Collaborate in your course, you need to make a link available to them.  This video will show you how to create a link to Collaborate for students.

Do I need to setup sessions for each of my scheduled class times?

No, the Course Room is a better option for regularly scheduled classes. There are times that creating a specific Session is useful such as when you have guest speakers you want to attend your online class. This video will go into more detail about the differences between a course room and session on Collaborate.

Where do I access my recordings?

You can access your recordings from the Collaborate Ultra area in your course. This video will show you where to find your lecture recordings in Collaborate.

NOTE: Be sure to change the date range to ensure all of your recordings will show up in the list. By default it may only show the most recent.

How do you create and manage breakout groups?

This video provides an overview of the different ways to manage breakout groups on Collaborate during a lecture.

How do I share youtube videos on Collaborate?

In order to share YouTube videos correctly through Collaborate, you must use Google Chrome web browser and you must use the share video content. This video will show you how to share a YouTube video In Collaborate.

Contact Info

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Educational Technology Specialist

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Educational Technology Specialist

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