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Course Outline Manager (COM)

Course Outline Manager (COM) is our institutional online platform for creating and managing course outlines for Medicine Hat College.

  • Create new outlines from scratch.
  • Copy previous outlines into a new outline.
  • Send course outlines for review by dean/chair.
  • Download PDF file of reviewed outline.

Steps to Create Your Outline

Go to Course Outline Manager (COM)

You can access COM both on campus and off campus:


Edit Your Course Outline

You can edit your assigned outlines, such as adding/formating text, using tables, preview and add page breaks). This video tutorial will show you how to edit your course outlines.

Copy an Exisiting Outline

If you would like, you can copy the information from a previous outline as a starting point for your outline. This video will show you how to copy an existing course outline.

Send Outline for Review

Once you have compiled your outline information, you will need to send it for review and wait for an email saying the outline has been reviewed by your dean. This video will show you how to send your outline for review and also covers how to recall an outline sent for review in case you discover it needs further editing.

OPTIONAL: You can add comments to your outline to explain or clarify areas of your outline to your dean. Comments will NOT be on the printed outline.

Download Your Approved Outlines

Once you’ve received the email confirming your outline has been approved. You may download a PDF copy of your course outline from:


Share Outline with Students

You must give your students a copy of the course outline. You can hand out printed copies and / or post the PDF in Bb.

To request printed copies of your outline, email the file to duplicating@mhc.ab.ca and include the following information:

  • Your office number (or the division they send the outline to via internal mail),
  • journal / billing code (ask your area’s administrative assistant for this),
  • number of copies required (order a few extra for students who may add the course),
  • preference of paper colour (white. blue, green, yellow, and coral are available), double-sided, hole punched and / or stapled.

Common Questions

I'm new. How do I get started using Course Outline Manager?

Only faculty will have access to Course Outline Manager. Use your college email and password to login. Here is a video tutorial to show you how to edit an outline.

How do I copy my course outline from last semester?

This video tutorial will show you how to copy an existing outline into a new outline.

Contact Info

Joan Fleckenstein

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 529-4860

Michael Pin Chuan Lin

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 525-2343