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Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a Microsoft Office 365 application that provides a secure video service where faculty, staff, and students at the Medicine Hat College can publish, organize, share and view videos internally.

  • Control who has access to your videos or share with the whole organization.
  • Watch videos from our oganization online or using the MS Stream app.
  • Speech to text, auto-generated closed captions for accessibilty
  • Allow comments to get feedback on projects and lectures.

Common Questions

I'm new. How do I get started using Microsoft Stream?

This video provides a brief overview of hot to get started with Microsoft Stream.

How do students access my videos on Microsoft Stream?

In order for your students to access your video, you must set the permissions on your video. This video will demonstrate how to share your Microsoft Stream videos.

If you have your permissions set for the student(s) to access the videos and they still cannot view them, they may be logged into another Microsoft accounts. A student can go here: and confirm that they are logged into their MHC account. If they aren’t then they can log out, which will let them log into the appropriate account. 

Can I share my videos on Microsoft Stream with people who are not students or college employees?

No. Microsoft Streams is a secure service to share videos with students, faculty and other members of the college who have Microsoft Office 365 with our college organization. They need to login to view the videos.

If you need to share the video with guests or other external users, you may need to upload your videos to YouTube or other video services.

Contact Info

Joan Fleckenstein

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 529-4860

Michael Pin Chuan Lin

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 525-2343