learning technologies

Other Technologies and Tools

There are a number of other learning technology platforms the college supports, as well as other instructional tools and devices.

ExamView / TestGen

ExamView and TestGen are test generators that allow you to create, administer and manage assessments. Many book publishers include ExamView or TestGen learning resources.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows users to chat privately or in a group, attend online meetings, as well as upload and share files. Teams can be used to meet online, similar to Blackboard Collaborate.

Common Questions

I'm new. How do I get started using campus platforms and technology for teaching?

Whether you’re teaching face-to-face or online, our Educational Technology Specialist can help get you started using technology.

Where can I find video tutorials to learn campus platforms and technology?

We have a growing number of tutorials and step-by-step guides available on our Knowledge Base that you may find helpful.

I found a great new technology that I would like to use for teaching. Can I use it?

If you find new technology, tools, apps or websites you’d like to start using, but are unsure how to begin, we can help research to make sure it will meet your needs and complies with any campus technology policies. We may also be able to help find alternatives if needed.

Contact Info

Joan Fleckenstein

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 529-4860

Michael Pin Chuan Lin

Educational Technology Specialist

(403) 525-2343