MHC Stance on AI and ChatGPT

MHC Stance on AI and Chat GPT

The latest generation of Large Language Model (LLM)/ Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) systems is impacting teaching and learning in many ways, presenting both opportunities and challenges for the ways our instructors and students engage in learning. LLM/Gen AI that can create content such as essays, computer code, and/or images using minimal human prompting, are proliferating, and becoming commonplace. While many LLM/Gen AI systems have recently become available, ChatGPT (the free, online chat system that utilizes the Open AI GPT technology) is currently the most prominent, garnering worldwide attention. The products the LLM/Gen AI tools create are dependent on the quality of the training of the LLM and the prompt given. While some responses may be of good quality, some may have inaccuracies and biases.

At Medicine Hat College (MHC), we remain committed to providing students with exceptional learning experiences and supporting instructors as they adapt their pedagogy in response to this emerging technology. MHC supports instructors in their choice to integrate or not integrate LLM/Gen AI in individual courses, assessments, and with individual students. MHC Academic Regulations clarify that students are expected to follow academic integrity, which is the “moral code of academia and can be defined as the use, generation, and communication of information in an ethical, honest, and responsible manner.” MHC Academic Integrity statements, policies, and procedures are clear in that students must comply with academic integrity as specified by MHC. Due to the rapidly changing LLM/Gen AI landscape, this stance will be periodically reviewed to remain current.

Possible Course Outline Language

Decisions regarding the use of LLM/Gen AI tools in courses will remain with instructors based on the type of course, learning objectives, and assessments. Some instructors may allow or encourage these tools, some may limit their use to certain courses or assessments, and some may ban them.

Be clear about the rules and limits of using LLM/Gen AI tools for your course work. If you allow or encourage the use of LLM/Gen AI tools, think about security issues when creating accounts with personal and/or MHC email accounts.

Click on the button below to download a Word Document with sample statements that can help you communicate the rules to your students on your course outlines and/or assignments. These are NOT mandatory to use. You can edit them to fit your courses. In these sample statements, there are references to MHC’s Academic Integrity statement which is located on page 53 of the MHC 2023/24 Academic Calendar.

Regardless of your stance on this technology, talk to your students about this technology and the course expectations. Give them a choice to opt-out if they have issues with the cost, privacy, security, or other aspects of the technology.

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