Research Policies and Procedures

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), the publishing and presenting of scholarly inquiry on teaching, requires all researchers to follow certain policies and procedures. Teaching & Learning can help guide you through this process. If you interested in starting a SoTL research project, contact us.

Teaching & Learning offers the following consultation and support services to help get you started with the research process:

  • Develop your research question
  • Select a research study design
  • Revise your ethics review application
  • Locate relevant research articles and key terms

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Director, Teaching & Learning


Lesley Mackie

Instruction and Research Librarian

(403) 529-3866

The Research Process


Define Your Research Project

Reflect on your teaching, including what changes you have seen or anticipate seeing in your students, or what experiences you are seeking to know more about. Develop your research question and find relevant literature and key terms.


Secure Ethics Approval

Student learning inquiries can be conducted in partnership with students and are subject to research ethics approval. There are a few forms and applications required to secure ethics approval.


Funding and Instructional Reassignment

Funding options may be available to support your research project, and if needed, you may be able to apply for workload release. Submitting a well-defined project with ethics approval beforehand may be helpful.


Data collection and analysis

Implement steps to keep data secure and respectful of your dual role as educator and researcher. If you are collecting student surveys, identify a colleague or someone who will collect and store surveys until after the course is complete and grades are submitted.


Interpretation of Findings

Attempt to put the information in perspective, i.e. compare results to expected or promised outcomes via established indications or measures. Record your findings, conclusions and recommendations in a report.


Dissemination of FIndings

Consider potential angles on your data and whether there is more than one audience for the work or sufficient substantive findings for more than one publication. Consider whether you will present at a conference as you work towards a publication.

Things To Know First

If you are contemplating a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project, here are some things to consider:

  • Research training and development is available to help develop effective research skills.
  • If your research involves human beings, you may need to complete a research ethics application.
  • All research ethics applications must also include an ARECCI Ethics Screen Tool score.
  • Request a consult with Teaching & Learning to discuss your SoTL research proposal and ideas.

What are the Timlines?

  Timeline Decision
Ethics Review Board meets monthly 2 – 4 weeks
Application Review   2 – 4 weeks
Re-submission (if required)   2 – 4 weeks

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents that need to be submitted for research ethics approval may be sent to:

Research Ethics Board
Medicine Hat College
299 College Drive SE
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 0P8