Online Students in Your Face-to-Face Class

This brief tutorial is a general overview on how you may be able to support online students in your face-to-face class. If you would like assistance, please contact

Before Class

Bring Your Webcam

Bring your webcam or book one from the Library ( Place the webcam on the instructor station monitor. If your instructor station is far off to one side, request a webcam with a tripod be set them up in the centre front of the room and plugged into the instructor station.


Add Collaborate to Blackboard Course Menu

Put the Collaborate Classroom menu item in your Bb course so students can access your online class.

During Class

Login to Instructor Station

Log in to the instructor station. Make sure you have your webcam or other devices connected. Open any files, programs or videos you will be using including your Bb course.

Enter the Collaborate and Start Recording

Enter the Collaborate Classroom course room in your Bb course and turn on the webcam and microphone in Collaborate. Start recording.

TIP: You do NOT need to create sessions for each class, just click the Course Room and click Join Room.
The computer will “ding” when an online student raises their hand.

If teaching with PowerPoint/Computer...

IF TEACHING WITH POWERPOINT/COMPUTER: You can extend the monitor display (keyboard shortcut: +P) and see your PowerPoint notes and Collaborate chat on the instructor station while students still see the slide on the projector screen and main Collaborate screen. Share your entire screen and check off share audio in Collaborate, select the screen showing the slide. Online students will see the slide in the big Collaborate screen and you at the front of the room (webcam) in a small screen. Recordings do not show your webcam, only the slide.

If teaching on the whiteboard at the front...

IF TEACHING ON THE WHITE BOARD AT THE FRONT: Locate your teaching space in front of the camera. Share camera in Collaborate. Check your computer’s Collaborate screen to be sure to stay in webcam sight when writing.

TIP: Be sure to talk aloud for each step as you are doing it. Take pictures of the board before you erase and post the pictures in Bb after class.

If Students are Doing Exercises in Class...

IF STUDENTS ARE DOING EXERCISES IN CLASS: Aim the camera towards the class and walk the aisles answering questions as you normally would. When giving directions or guidance to the class, be sure to speak up and face the camera so the microphone can hear you.

Stop the Recording

At the end of class stop the recording.

The recording will automatically be in the Recordings area of your Bb course once it is done processing. Only students registered in the course can access or view the recording.

General Tips

Face the Camera/Mic

Face the camera / microphone when possible to ensure the students can hear you.

Repeat Student Questions

Student questions may be difficult to hear so repeat them when you provide answers.

Further Resources

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Contact Info

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Instructional Designer

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