Semester Checklist

Use this checklist to keep on track all semester! This checklist is a general overview and may not cover everything for your specific course or program. If you have something you feel we should add to our checklist or any questions about it, please contact Rene Hemenway.

2 - 3 weeks before 1st day of class

Complete your Course Outline

If you haven’t created your Course Outline in Course Outline Manager (COM) yet, click the button below to access COM:

Login to COM

For samples of possible language to include in your course outline to inform students on your stance regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT you can visit this page.

Once you’ve finished your outline, you need to send your outline for review and wait for an email saying the outline has been reviewed by your dean.



Build your Blackboard course

Your Blackboard (Bb) course has already been created for you based on the information in the registration system. Similar to COM, you can copy an existing Bb course into your current course.

Student enrollments in Bb are updated hourly, but the course is not available for them to view until the first day of class unless you manually make it available. Instructors are automatically enrolled in the course based on being assigned the instructor role in the Student Information System. New courses and instructor changes are processed each evening.



Get to know the Library Staff

Take a tour of the Library while on campus or view this virtual tour. Be sure to introduce yourself to the Copyright Officer, Instructional Librarian and Multimedia staff!

1 Week Before 1st Day of Class

Download Your Course Outline

You are required to give your students a copy of the course outline. Search for your course outline and download the PDF so you print copies for your students and/or post the PDF in your Blackboard course.

To request printed copies of your outline email the file to and include the following information so duplicating does not have to email you with questions.

  • Your office number (or the division they send the outline to via internal mail)
  • journal / billing code (ask your area’s administrative assistant for this)
  • number of copies required (order a few extra for students who may add the course)
  • paper colour (white. blue, green, yellow, and coral are available)
  • double-sided or single sided
  • hole punched and / or stapled.

Check your classrooms

Make sure you know how to use the technology in your classroom. If you need training or assistance, please contact

If you need technology that isn’t available in your classroom already, you can book it from the Multimedia desk at the Library or email

Check Your Blackboard Course

You may decide to send announcements to your students before the course is made available on the 1st day of classes.

Make sure your links and content is working. Use the student preview to see what your course looks like if you were a student.

Day Before 1st Day of Class

Get a Class List from Blackboard

You can get a class list using your Blackboard courses. This list can be printed so you can take attendance on the first day of class. You do not need to take attendance each day unless your program requires it, but you should take attendance the first day to ensure the students are properly registered and attending the correct class.

1st Day of Class

Suggested Activities

Take attendance from your class list.

Review the course outline with the students.

Send an Announcement from Blackboard welcoming the students to the course.

First 2 Weeks of Class (and onward)

Complete Learning Accommodation Forms for Students

Sign letters provided to you from students with learning accommodations or student athletes. If a student needs exam accommodations or a deferred exam they must schedule the exam with Academic Resource Centre (ARC) and let you know the date/time they will be writing it.

You will have to drop a copy of the exam to ARC (3rd floor above the B-Wing) or email it to with appropriate exam instructions (length of time allowed, can the students bring calculators, notes, textbook, etc.)

Update Blackboard Course as needed

Continue to add content to your Blackboard (Bb) course (eg. presentations, handouts, assignments, etc.)

Make note of student attendance

Email your program’s Academic Advisor the names of students who have not attended any classes

If you have received a letter requesting you to keep attendance for a funded student, enter their attendance daily or weekly in the Faculty Portal (instructions will be included with the letter).

Keep in contact with Faculty Association

If you have not received any emails from the Faculty Association, contact to ensure you are on the mailing list and consider attending a meeting or social event

Day After Add/Drop Date

Check Registered Student List

Download your class list again and take attendance to the students attending the class match the registrations.

1 Week Before the Final Exam

Check your Gradebook

Ensure all grades are entered in Blackboard Grade Center (Also referred to as Gradebook) and enter a “0” grade where assignments were not submitted or quizzes were not completed.

Provide students with a reminder or review

Send an Announcement from Blackboard (Bb) reminding students of the final exam date, time & room. Ask students to check their grades in Bb and contact you if there are any discrepancies or questions. Feel free to include additional information about the final exam such as its format, a study guide or review sheet, etc.

Make sure your exam is ready and working

If you need to print your final exams, be sure to email your final exam to with appropriate details (double-sided, stapled, etc.)

If you are having an online exam, make sure that the exam and test options (date, time, duration, adaptive release) are set correctly.

Send exams to Accessibilities or ARC (if needed)

If you have students who write their exams in the ARC or Accessibilities area or if they need a deferred exam, send the exam to

Day of Final Exam

Suggested Activities

Bring extra paper, pencils and other supplies the student may require for the exam.

Ensure the students know your expectations and the rules for final exams. Some common rules are:

  • No talking during the exam (it seems obvious but you still need to say it).
  • You cannot listen to music during the exam (or if you are OK with it then say that they can listen to music)
  • All cell phones must be turned off (not just in silent mode).
  • Only 1 person at a time may go to the washroom.
  • You may have snacks as long as you are quiet.
  • You can only write on the paper provided to you and all paper must be submitted to your instructor at the end of class.

Within 2 to 4 Days After Final Exam

Enter final exam marks into Blackboard

Enter final exam grades into Blackboard grade centre.

Notify Students of Final Grades (optional)

Send an Announcement telling students that the final exam has been graded and to contact you ASAP if they have any questions about their grades.

Submit Final Grades on Faculty Portal

Final grades must be submitted to the Registrar on the Faculty Portal within 4 consecutive days (including weekends) of the final exam.

Further Resources

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